Joe Muczka jr.

Joe Muczka Jr. was born in Opava on February 20th, 1971 into a family with a long art tradition. He was first exposed to art by his grandfather, who then passed him on to his friend Václav as a teacher. These lessons were not just about the act of creating, but about understanding art as the link between psychology, esthetics and philosophy.


His professional art career began in 1996 when he worked the pedestrian zones of Heilbronn, Germany and then Stuttgart. There’s no greater school of life than working right in front of people, accepting criticism, learning, creating and also being able to sell your art. The demand for his art increased, so he began organizing some openings and exhibitions. His first opening was held in 1998 at the Degerloch Turn in Stuttgart and was a great success. So far, the artist has had many openings and exhibitions in German-speaking countries, i.e., Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as well as in the Netherlands. His work has recently also been presented in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and even Russia.

Joe Muczka Jr. has become a sought-after and acclaimed European artist whose paintings are owned by people all over the world. Joe primarily focuses on painting, but he also creates sculptures, original fashion collections and interior paintings, plus he collaborates on corporate projects and appears at social events as a bodypainter. His work draws on elements of Pop Art, Impressionism, Expressionism, Cubism and Classicism.

Joe Muczka Jr. was awarded the Golden Europea for lifelong dedication to the arts and has become a member of the Club of European Union Laureates (EUU), see